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This article will be the most practical article you will read as a home brewer, especially if you are yet to have the ability to control your ferment temperatures.

I know it doesn’t look like there is much substance to the article, but that is the best thing about it! Gaining precise temperature control on a homebrew level is very simple if you follow these next three steps…

1. Buy a second hand fridge

In most cases you won’t even need to buy a fridge. A lot of us already have an old fridge lying around that you don’t use, or know someone with a fridge that they’re looking to get rid of for FREE! Get your hands on one however you can, preferably for free.

2. Purchase an external temperature control unit

This little unit is what makes the magic happen! every good homebrew store will carry these. If not you can find them online here.

3. Set it all up

Now all that is left to do is the basic setup of plugging the unit into your fridge and taping the temperature probe to your fermenter.

Honestly, that’s it!

One tip I have though is to insulate the area around where the probe is stuck to the fermenter. This will ensure that the probe is reading the ferment temperature and not the ambient temperature.

So there you have it, 3 very simple steps that will ensure you are fermenting your beer at the exact desired temperature. I know there is a little bit of investment here, but trust me when I say this…

Temperature control will be the single most important step you can make to improve the outcome of your beer!

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